Sound not working in published version for one person only

Oct 17, 2012

We've just published a course and have it available on a web site. Most everyone can hear the sound just fine, but one person cannot. Where do I begin helping him troubleshoot the problem? He says he has sound for other applications, but not for the Storyline course. I'd appreciate any ideas as quickly as possible because this person needs to review this course today.

Thanks so much!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kathy!

First, I know this may seem like an obvious option, make sure the person attempting to play the file doesn't have the sound muted on the presentation. I know it seems simple, but it could be the case.

I was reading through your post and noticed that the person unable to hear the audio isn't using the most recent version of Flash. The most recent version is 11.4.402.287. I'm not sure if updating to the most recent version will resolve this issue, but it's one step they could take in a process of elimination.

To download the most recent version, you can send them here.

Also, you may want to see if they are able to hear audio from other Flash files.

I did read an article where some users experienced sound issues with 11.3, but I'm not sure if this was also an issue in 11.4. There's an article from Adobe here.

Since this is happening in multiple browsers, it could be a few things. One possibility is that it's an issue with their current installation of Flash. If the other person is not able to hear audio in any Flash files, even after attempting to update, they can try to uninstall and reinstall Flash. There's a guide to uninstalling here. To install again, direct them to the download page again, here.

Hopefully this resolves the issue. If not, I'll certainly try to help find additional information!

Have a great day,


Christine Hendrickson

If the file plays in flash as a stand alone file, it may have something to do with one/both of the browsers he's using or Flash's interaction with the browsers.The uninstall/reinstall I mentioned may help with this.

Another step would be to check the browser versions. I'm not very experienced with IE8, and I'm running on Win 7, so I'm not able to see the latest version of IE 8.

The latest Chrome version is Version 22.0.1229.94 m - he can check this by going to "About Google Chrome" in the main menu.

Another suggestion would be to try Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded here.

max maizels

i have just experienced similar issues... as below

i have started using storyline.  the logic of software is good, and requires re-learning.


in publishing to storyline to web, i have recently experienced the issue that the content plays nicely in IE (for pc user) and safari (for mac user), but intermittently in firefox.

i do not know if audio plays through in ipad or iphone.

understanding that browsers can be difficult for one size fits all, please advise



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Max. Welcome to the community!

Are you able to share a link to the content, so I can test it in Firefox on my end? Also, if you are able to share a link to the content, please let me know what sections of the course experience issues.

If you're unable to share a link, you're more than welcome to post the .STORY file here and I can test it as well.



max maizels

i appreciate the follow up....i am uncerain how to do the blogs, forums, etc....

well after struggling with the issue for A LONG time, a good night sleep, and a re-look, i realized i had mistakenly accessed the content using
rather than

using the correct link, works perfect.....
if ok to ask another question, .....
i dont seem to be able to utilize gestures when i access the content on cell phone, tablet, etc.  i published as fill browser in player controls
thanks in advance

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Max,

That's great news! I'm happy to were able to find the source of the problem and I'm glad you were able to get it working.

For your other question:

There are certain limitations and restrictions for some devices. You may want to take a look at this comparison chart for the different output types and what features are supported by each type. The best way, for the most supported features, to view your content from a mobile device is to use the Articulate Mobile Player app for the iPad. 

If you take a look at that chart, you may be able to find whether or not the feature you're trying to use will be supported on the iPad. Currently, phones (such as Androids, etc.) are not supported devices for mobile content. However, some of our community members have been able to successfully run courses from some of these devices. You may want to take a look around the forums and familiarize yourself with them, I'm sure you'll be able to find some pretty informative conversations on the topic.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please just let me know.



saavan ch

Hi everyone here,

Let me introduce myself. I am Saavan working with education based company.

We have lots of online courses which is developed using Articulate storyline. We used to get  same audio complaints as Kathy mentioned above from few customers who using LAPTOP.  Still i we reeving this type of issue and we unable to support them.

Everything working fine on their machine except audio which is in articulate storyline published version.

Tested on  All latest browser

Tested on latest flash version

not working on both windows (Xp and  7) and mac.

Here most of the user facing this issue using Laptop.

When i did a research on this one of the blog  mentioned this is because of  flash player security setting blocking audio or the code which executing this. But when i tested this on my and friends laptop its working fine.

Can anyone identify this issue. It will be great help us to give answer for our customers.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Saavan and welcome to E-Learning Heroes, 

You mentioned you were able to get it to work for you and your friend, but that another user couldn't get it to work under any of the conditions shared by Christine, and experienced the problem in all web browsers and Windows and Mac machines. It definitely seems unusual that they're unable to hear the audio under any conditions but that you're not able to replicate the problem. As Phil mentioned at the very top - you'll want to check all the machine specific items (sound card, mute button, speakers plugged in, etc.) 

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