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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Jim.  Just so we're on the same page, these are the requirements for viewing Storyline 2 content:

It sounds like the one user in particular is using Chrome in Windows 10, and they aren't able to hear the audio; is that correct?

Are you able to give me a link to the content on your LMS to test how it plays on my end?  I'd be happy to publish and test your .story file on SCORM Cloud as well.  You can attach it to this discussion.

Jim Atkins

Hi Crystal,

Many thanks for your reply. I have copied my colleague Catherine since she has been dealing with the client experiencing this problem, and so it would be best if she checks the system requirements. She can also set you up to view the module on the LMS. Please copy her in with any replies,

Many thanks,


Catherine, please check the requirements with the client, create a user setup link in Learnupon and send it to Crystal and enrol her into Manager Tutorials.



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