Sound problems with HTML5 Output Compatibility with Google Chrome 44 or 45 beta on ANDROID

Aug 07, 2015

We have some problems with sound. All sound in course stop after pause in learning.

The situation:

We have some slides between it user need click button NEXT. If user do it before timeline end - no problem. If user do nothing for 20-60 sec. and after that click NEXT sound wouldn`t play.

On PC it works without stop sound!

Could we do smth?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, John, and Welcome to the Community! We're glad you are here.  :)

Sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Would be you able to share your file so that we are able to do some testing, perhaps? 

Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left corner of the reply box in the thread, and you can browse for the file from there. Please also note that if you reply via email, your attachment will not appear here in the thread. Thanks!