Sound Recording options for mic grayed out in Screen Recorder

Apr 07, 2014


I was trying to use my Rode Podcaster to simultaneously record sound as I did a screen recording, but Storyline has the Sound Recording options grayed out when I click the gear in the Screen Recorder.  I have Windows 7, just updated my java in hopes that would solve it (it didn't), and I have the Podcaster selected as the default mic in the Control Panel Sound dialog.  It's not just that it's not showing the Rode Podcaster--it won't let me select any microphone.

Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

There are some troubleshooting steps outlined here if you're unable to record audio within Storyline, and I'd also be curious to know if it's only while recording a screen that the audio options are disabled, what about when you try to record a sound from mic? Have you tested to see if unplugging this external mic allows you to record with your internal mic? I'd also suggest conducting the repair of Storyline to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing with the record function. 

Karen M.

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I've tried the troubleshooting steps you mention with no luck.  When I unplug the microphone, as you suggest, it still does not list other internal microphones.  It works just fine if I record a sound with the Rode Podcaster from within Storyline using the Insert/Sound/Record Mic option.  It only acts up with the Record Screen feature.  I'll try to reinstall and see if that helps.



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