Sound track on recorded screen video too loud

Jul 22, 2015

Hello, heroes.

I have recorded a screen with narration, but when I play it back, the audio is way too loud. I tried editing the video (right click on the embedded file) and selected Volume, and dropped the volume 40%. Then I clicked SAVE.

From what I understand, the volume change will not take place until the file is published.  Well, I just did that and the playback is still too loud. In fact, I cannot hear any difference in the audio level after the edit.

Am I doing something wrong? To me, the video (and audio) editor settings for volume leave a lot to be desired.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Richard -- So sorry to hear the volume is playing too loud for you. I wanted to share this thread (although it was posting by someone having issues with volume being too LOW), and see if any of the suggestions there might be of assistance to you.

If issues persist, you are welcome to share your .story file here and we will gladly take a look for you, or your may submit your file privately for review using this form

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