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I have produced a number of tutorials now and the sound volume is perfect on my computer when running the production. However, some colleagues of mine reported that when they run the same production, the sound volume drops and they can hardly hear anything. Sometimes for the entire tutorial, sometimes one chapter has good sound volume, other chapters don't.

Has anyone encountered this before? What can I do to mitigate?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Theresa,

I didn't get a reply from Carsten, nor do I see that he submitted a Support case. Can you determine if there is any common thread between your users who are having the problems with audio? Again, you'll want to review the Storyline viewing requirements that are at the bottom of this article. 

Carsten Schleicher

Hi there,

I produced tutorials using the microphone and the speaker on my computer. The tutorials  had good sound quality when colleagues ran those using the speakers of their computers. But when they used headphones, the sound was extremely low, even when they turned the volume to the max. So what I did is to increase the sound volume so that the volume on the headphones was geeting better and yet to avoid too much background noise when using speakers on a computer. There is a function in Articulate to change the volume.