Source code of course - how to see?

We have a published online course, developed by Storyline 3 with multiple variables.

On 1 particular page, we have something like:

Next button, set to "hidden" when timeline starts; Variable 1 = False (default)

When click on Button 1, show Layer 1

When Layer 1 timeline ends, Variable 1 changes to True

When Veritable 1 changes, Button 1 status changes to "visited"

When Button 1 changes to visited, Next button changes to "normal".


Most users can advance by having the Next Button shown at the end, but a few users was stopped by the hidden "next button".

Here are my questions:

a. Provided all users didnt jump any timeline, why some can get the next button, some cannot?

b. Looking at the triggers, is there some mistake i overlooked?

c. For a published course (put online already), possible i can look at the source code to examine what went wrong?


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Jerry Beaucaire

I've run into this oddity myself on occasion.  I can't answer why it happens, just what I've done in the past to minimize it.

1. You shouldn't have to change the state of any object to VISITED.  If an object is clickable and has the VIsited state in it's list of states, it gets this status automatically when clicked.   This makes it less reliable for use as a trigger, in my opinion, especially in your need where you want something more to complete before the NEXT button appears.

2. Since a LAYER can see the objects on the BASE, I'm thinking it's less plumbing if you just use the layer's Timeline Ends trigger to change the state of the NEXT button directly.

3. If the NEXT button has a nice little entrance animation, you might also consider using a CUE point on the LAYER as the trigger moment so it occurs a second or two before the timeline actually ends.