Space bar functionality in the Multiple Response Template in quiz

Nov 18, 2013


I hvae to add a Global functionality of the space bar in the Accessibility course for blind people in every page.

It is working fine in the rest of the pages, but i am facing the problem in the Multiple Response template of check box.

As sson as space bar click i have to submit the quiz. But default functionality of the space bar is sellect and desellect the check box option. Now i have added a trigar to submit the quiz on clicking space bar. Now quiz is submit on clicking space bar but before submit it sellect or desellect the option on the focus currentally. if the focus is not on any option then it is fine. so default functionality is working then trigar working added my me.

I have also added a trigar in every button to submit the quiz on pressing space bar but still default functionality is woking.

Is there any way to block the default functionality of space bar?

please help me, any idea can help me.

Thanks in advance.

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