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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Deborah, 

We do seem to be getting hit by a number of spam posts recently and we're working to deal with those. The emails you're getting are likely because you have subscribed to the forum as a whole, so if a post gets through our automated spam filters and it's posted, it'll send out an email announcement about the post. If you see those, please feel free to use the Flag button at the bottom of the post and that'll help staff see it quicker and pull it out of the forums. You could also change your forum subscriptions by looking at the top of any thread or forum section and you'll see "Subscribed" - clicking that again will unsubscribe you and then you shouldn't be getting as many emails. 

Thanks again! 

Brian Gil

This morning we added an additional spam prevention measure. I can't get into the details as I don't want to educate the spammers but I'm confident it will significantly curtail the spam activity.

Be assured that we recognize the pain spam causes and will continue to evolve our prevention methods as necessary.

As always, thanks for being Heroes!

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