Spanish Conversion

Jan 11, 2013

I've got a course I've built in Storyline that I've been converting to Spanish.  We have the opening page with the interactive textbox that requests the end user "Type in your first name".  Where do I find the option to overwrite the english verbiage with spanish?  I've looked everywhere.  Its the last think I need to convert.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Trey! Is the textbox a data entry field that you inserted onto your slide? You should be able to change the prompt within the textbox by selecting the textbox on your Storyline slide and editing it just like you would on a normal textbox. 

However, I also wanted to mention: Did you know there is an export/import option that makes translation much easier than entering all the translated text by hand? You can export all the text from your course to a Word or xliff file (this would include any prompt text you've entered for your data entry field(s)), then have a translator make the changes, and then import everything back in. Here's a tutorial with more info:

Trey Martin

Thanks, Jeanette.  I figured out the issue....I had the content "locked" in the timeline.  Especially thanks for the link to the translation, I've bookemarked it.  We did a line by line copy and paste into Google Translate to get us started, then I have a spanish speaking counterpart that goes over it and makes changes (he's across the country and not in Training, so we can't ask him to translate the whole thing).  This articule should help next time.  I did find the easy translate for all the buttons/tabs, etc in the player controls.