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Ned Whiteley

Hi Becky,

I have just checked this out with a quick PowerPoint import of my own and I may have the solution to your problem, depending on exactly what it is.

What I have noticed is that when you import from PowerPoint, the background to your notes at the bottom of you Storyline screen is the same as your Player background. If your Notes text has imported in black and you have the Player background set to Dark, it will be black text on a black background and hence you won't see it. If you change your Player background to Light, this will solve the problem as you will now see black Notes text on a white background.

If this isn't the problem, could you please share your file so that we can see what the exact problem is?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Becky,

It sounds like they've disappeared while you're editing them, not as a part of your preview or published output? 

I'm not clear what directions you followed, but if you don't see the Notes tab with the Timeline and States tab, I'd start by redocking the panels and windows within Storyline. Follow these steps:

Please let me know if that helps! 

Becky Nield

Ahh, the redock all windows. Good to know. Yes, they were there and then
they disappeared and I could not get it back. I had to close the program
and not save changes and when I reopened them, they were there. Thanks for
the tip!

Also, yes the notes are black and hard to read, so thank you for that tip
as well.