Specific Data Entry Questions on Storyline 2


I'm having problems trying to set text entry to specific correct and incorrect. It's really hard to explain in words, but basically each question I want to set I want the field to be different to each text entry. So I don't want learners to enter text for the wrong image....

Okay just look at the screenshot hopefully you will know I what I mean. I'm really struggling with this...

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Wendy Farmer

HI Rebeca

I'm not seeing your file but can I share a sample file I did for someone recently that may help you.

It is using a Pick One free form and allows you to evaluate multiple text extry fields. To change your slide from freeform data text slide go to the Insert tab and select remove freeform - this will change the slide to a normal slide and will remove the correct/incorrect layers.  Then go to the Insert tab > insert freeform > choose the pick one slide type.

Hope this helps

GCDigitech .

Hi Wendy,

Oh I see you wanted my actual storyline file I thought you meant the screenshot....I've removed the free-form and inserted one slide type. But I don't know what you want me to do next? I don't understand variables, I'm finding this really hard... I think copy and pasting your example will hopefully solve my question.

By all means check how I've done it here. I'm new to story line and learning as I go and keep getting stuck.

It's 2.3 2nd question on self assessment I'm stuck on.


GCDigitech .

Hi Wendy,

Oh :( that's not what I was needing sorry...It needs to be a final assessment so the learner doesn't find out until the assessment finish until the end....I just want to sort out the triggers so it does the text entry for that particular question. I'm just trying to figure it out...