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Walt Hamilton

I'm not in a position to be able open your story right now,  but here's one way to do what you've asked for.

Cover everything on the slide except the syringe with a filled rectangle set to 99% transparency.

Create another filled 99% transparent shape above the rectangle and below the syringe. Shape it exactly to the point where you want the center of the syringe to end. Set it as the correct drag target, and set drag objects to return to original spot when dropped outside of any correct target. Set the DnD options to snap to center.

Create a trigger to submit interaction when syringe is dropped on rectangle or target shape, and set number of attempts appropriately.

Be sure to ask if you have more questions.

Phil Mayor

That will not work that well Storyline has an annoying habit that touching anywhere on a correct target will register as correct.

Although to be fair to Walt this is probably the most accurate solution, the key will be to make the rectangle small enough that only correct placement will register as correct


Walt Hamilton

I've looked at your story, and I don't think you are that far off.

Go to Form View, and set the correct hotspot as the correct drop spot for the syringe.

Go to Form View, and set the correct hotspot as the correct drop spot for the triangle.

Go to Drag and Drop Options, and set it to return item to original spot if dropped outside correct drop spot.

Showing the try again layers when the items are dropped keeps the triangle and syringe from returning to their initial spots. So, I went to Drag and Drop options and deselected delay drop states until submission. I  gave the triangle and syringe Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states (although in retrospect, I didn't use the Drop Correct  states), and changed the triggers to show the try again layer when they change to Drop Incorrect state. That way, when dropped outside the target, they change state, and return to their initial spot. When they change state, that triggers the layer, but not soon enough to interfere with the return.

I got rid of all the hotspots that aren't drop targets. I also changed the try again layers so they don't restart the slide (I got tired of having to start over if I missed a drop.), but just hide the layer.

It seems to me to work like you described. Any questions, just ask.

Stephan Betins-Kinnamon

Thank you! That helped and I tweaked it even more to make it work to a more specific placement. I got rid of the syringe icon and just went with an oval. Though the syringe was cool, my test subjects were trying to place the mouse hand on the correct place and not the needle. A dot made it more user friendly and less directions needed to perform the action. End result = competency checked.