Specific feedback for each answer


I was wandering if it was possible to provide specific feedback for different answer. Let me explain what i want to do:

2 + 3= ?

A/ 5

B/ -1

C/ 0.667

If the learner clicks:

on A/ a positive feedback will be provided.

on B/ he will have this message: no this is the answer for 2 - 3 = ?

on C/ he will have this message: no this is the answer for 2 / 3 = ?

Could you help me with that?


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Michael Hinze

Beyond the built-in feedback options for each choice, you could also add a text box to the TryAgain layer of your question, which will only be displayed when either B or C are selected. Based on the selected state of these two radio buttons, you can change the state of the textbox and provide specific feedback for B and C. You culd use the same approach with different images ,e.g Thumbsdown image. Whatever works best for your requirements. See attached file and here is the published version.

Ryan McDonald

Hi Stefania,

Yes, that can be done easily enough. 

In your Storyline project, click the Insert tab and then select New Slide.  Within the Insert Slides window, click the Graded tab and select the Multiple Choice option to insert a Multiple Choice quiz slide.

Once the Multiple Choice slide is inserted, you'll need to type in your question and answers. To set this question up so that it shows answer-specific feedback, you need to set Feedback to "By Choice" - see the screen cap below.  This will enable you to add specific feedback for each and every possible response, which the user will see when they select their response. 

Stefania Targowski

Hi Peter Michael and Ryan,

Allright, it's done. For this time, I chose Ryan's solution which appears to me as the best one for this scenario.

I'm now having problem with making the answer appear. I'm giving 2 tries to my learner but after 2 bad answers, the answer is not displayed automatically. Is it possible?

Stefania Targowski

Ha! Great! Thank you

I tried Donna's idea.

Her ".story" is really helpfull but my "AttemptCount" variables are not working...

I finally decided to cancel the attemp idea. Like Dave Lees I think it would be great if this functionality was buit in. I'm used to MOS Chorus and it is really easy to create specific feedback with this tool. I hope this functionality will improve with time!

Thank you again for your help!