Spinning an object

Aug 06, 2019


I need help spinning the blades of a wind turbine both clockwise and then counterclockwise. I do not see how to spin an object on a central axis.

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Gerry Wasiluk

This is an example of where it would be nice if Storyline had emphasis animations like PowerPoint has.   Long overdue, IMVHO.  Something like this in PowerPoint would take only a few minutes to set up.

You have at least two options--animate this yourself using a bunch of shapes of the same object, having them quickly animate in and out as you move them around an axis.

Or creating in a third-party program as a video and importing in.  Can easily be done in something like PowerPoint (if you don't have a video editor) and then exported out as WMV video.

Camille Reeves

Thank you Michael. I have read that thread already before I posted this. I also downloaded and used your example (thank you!) but I could not figure out how to rotate it counterclockwise. I need it to do a couple of rotations clockwise, then switch to do a couple of rotations counterclockwise. You have it set up to go from stop 1 - stop 5. I tried to reverse it and make it go from stop 5 - stop 1 to see if that would make it counterclockwise, but I couldn't get it to work.

Tom Kuhlmann

You all are too fast. My demo uses the entrance/exit animation as a different way to do it. Although since you're not using separate motion paths, you either have to create other states or a separate shape.

Michael's solution gives you more control. 

Two things on his:

  • You can manually enter the values for the size of the motion path on the ribbon
  • Make sure to set the object to orient to shape in the path options

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