Spinning Wait Cursor in Preview Mode

I was previewing the quiz portion of my course and when I clicked on the screen (does this anywhere on the screen, not just the hotspot area), I get a "spinning wait cursor":

Spinning Wait Cursor in Storyline 2 Preview

This just sits there and the slide won't advance.  I haven't tried publishing this project to see if it would do it there too, but I assume it will.  Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?  I copied the problem area to a new project and it did the same thing.  I have included that file in my post.


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Wendy Farmer

Sorry Wanda I thought it was a hotspot quiz slide.

Can you upload the story file and note which slide it's happening on - might be easier for someone to help if they can work with the setup.

Normally in the try mode video, the user clicks an area which is covered by a hotspot which is the correct answer and they auto move to next slide of the video. If they click outside the hotspot, they might get a hint to tell them where to click.

Are you saying you are just using one slide out of the video and trying to interact with it?