Spinning wheel and slides freeze in preview and publish formats

Mar 09, 2018

Ever since we reinstalled Storyline 360 this week (due to a different problem that was resolved by reinstalling), two screens in one course are not working--the spinning wheel comes up and freezes the course. In the past I have ungrouped elements on the screen to resolve the issue but that isn't working. It is happening in preview, review and published format. These slides were working fine prior to this week. Anyone know of a fix? We've been testing the modules for several weeks without issue and this is the last (is there ever a last?!) issue that needs to be resolved before we launch a big program we've been working on for months--any input appreciated!

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Brad King

This is the most recent post that I have found while looking at this spinning wheel issue.

Why might this happen on a screen with two buttons, but only for certain users?  We currently have a slide that has video (3 min) with some animations that advances to the next slide when the timeline ends.  The slide that it advances to only has two buttons, Exit and Replay.  

This is only happening in the published output and sporadic or certain users.  I have researched the issue that it might have something to do with layers or groupings, however, there are neither within the entire file.  We publish to HTML5 with Flash fallback as required by company policy with Flash soon being obsolete and becoming a security concern.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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