Spinning wheel of death!

Jun 17, 2020

After a series of graded questions, when moving from the last question to the results slide, I get a spinning wheel and the course seems to freeze. 

This project is made of up 2 parts, and has a pre test and post test. The client wants the user to be able to review their score from the pre test after they complete the post test. I'm wondering if I set up the results slides correctly?

I tried remaking the quizzes from scratch, no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Tracy Parish

I think there is something corrupt with your results variables - you can't remove/delete the results.3 variables.

Try this....

  1. Remove your 2 results slides (pre 2.13 and post 3.40)
  2. Go into your variables panel and rename all the results variables that you see to something like  delete1, delete2, delete3, etc. just so you can identify them and not use them again.
  3. Create from scratch 2 new results slides where you removed the previous ones. 
    • They should now be using variables
      - %Results.PassPercent% at the prequiz results and
      - %Results1.ScorePercent%%  at the post quiz results

Things seemed to work for me and display okay after that.

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