Split screen projection?

In PowerPoint, a slideshow can be used in 'presenter view'.  

Is there any way that Storyline content can be delivered in the same way?  I would like to be able to have 'teacher content' on the laptop and 'student content' on the external projector. 

I am keen to build more comprehensive tools for the teacher than just 'slide notes' and I want to use the interactivity within Storyline for the main content. (Before someone suggests doing it in PowerPoint from the get-go)!

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Katie Riggio

That's a neat idea, Martin – and I can see how this display setup would be helpful for teachers! I'm submitting this feature request on your behalf, so you should receive an email confirmation about it shortly.

I'm hoping you get some good community ideas here – and as always, we'd love to hear more how this or another feature could drastically impact your workflow and course development here, or in a feature request here! 🙂