Sporadic Blank "Resume" Dialog Box -- Articulate 2 SCORM in Moodle

Hello! In one or two cases, some participants get a blank dialog box when prompted to resume the Storyline. It does seem to usually be the same SCORMs that end up reporting this issue, so I'm hoping it's a Storyline problem that we can address by republishing the SCORM. Here's what the window looks like:

Blank Resume Dialog Box

When this happens to a student, it leaves them in limbo unless we go into Moodle and delete their previous attempt so that they can start over.

Some earlier posts talked about player settings, and making sure that in the player there are no buttons with blank text assigned to them. Is that still the first step in resolving this? Anyone else encountered it and have another approach?

Thanks in advance,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jennifer!

Certainly making sure there is content populated for the text labels would be a great first step and sounds like you are already aware of that.

If you upload the content into SCORM Cloud, do you experience the same results or is the issue limited to your LMS?

If you can replicate, please allow us to take a look at your .story file.

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Leslie,

This is sporadic, and can't be replicated reliably. It seems to only happen with the Chrome browser, but that's the extent of what I've been able to find out. So I'm not sure uploading the SCORM to SCORM Cloud would be helpful.

Unfortunately it's now happening with a SCORM that we don't have source files for. Is there any way to check for blank labels in the published files?


Crystal Horn

Hi Jennifer.  If not all participants are experiencing the missing dialogue, I think digging through published files to try to identify label text would be more trouble than it's worth.

Sometimes a course will fail to resume properly if it's exceeding the suspend data limit in the LMS.  Without the source file, this possibility will be hard to test.  😕  I'm sorry this is a tricky issue for you, between the inconsistency and the lack of source file.

Does the course have a lot of content and interactions for the learners?  Are they taking a break from answering questions and resuming later?

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Crystal, I just saw your questions. The SCORM is a very straightforward presentation, basically a slide show without a lot of interaction except "next", "prev", a few linked videos that are hosted elsewhere, and some clickable objects and layers. There are no questions to answer. What would cause a SCORM to exceed the suspend data limit?

Jennifer Dixey

Just wondering, is it still considered the case that this is caused by blank text labels on player buttons? I spoke with the developer after this occurred again today and she confirmed that there are no player buttons with blank labels. Are there any other possible leads to follow within the Storyline environment?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jennifer,

I looked back a ways for some similar issues, and I could only find one other report from a customer who had a Storyline player that had ultimately become corrupt - so that it was causing missing text. But in that instance it seemed to impact all users. 

Do you know if Chrome/Edge are showing you the issue in Flash, HTML5 or both? Have users tried a simple step such as refreshing the page or trying to click on the prompt to see if they can actually use it? 

Jennifer Dixey

Hi Ashley,

The issue is sporadic. The one thing we've found is that once it happens
to a user, they can't get out of it, even by logging out and logging
back in (with the same browser). I'm pretty sure they've tried clearing
the browser cache as well, since that's one of the main
"troubleshooting" steps that our help desk knows to ask students. I
don't think clicking on the dialog box does anything. Sometimes there
are buttons and sometimes there are no buttons. If there are buttons,
I'm sure they are trying them!