Sporadic sound on iPad

I published a PPT from SL in Flash and HTML5. Each slide contained an audio naration. Works great on a PC, but on an iPad, the sound works on one slide, then won't work on another. Can't find any pattern as to when sound will play. On each slide, sound will play or it won't.

This behavior has been replicated on several projects.

ANY help is greatly appreciated.

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Ryan Frasch

David Burton said:


I believe this is what's stated in the link I've provided.

"User must click to start media (audio and video will not play automatically)"

If you feel this is different, would you mind submitting a case here.


Thanks for the clarification David.  I thought the link you were providing was the one that just has the colored dots on what is supported (I didn't clicky the linky, so my bad). That is my experience, so no need to submit a case.

Keep up the great work!