Spot-the-Error Hotspot Quiz

Hi - I'm trying to create a spot-the-error hotspot quiz.  The learner is to identify mistakes in a spear fishing email.  When they click on a mistake, they are rewarded with a comment that "You are correct" and an explanation of why.  There are no "wrong" answers.  There are 8 mistakes, and I'd like the learner to identify at least 6 before they can click on "Next".  I would also like them to receive partial credit (5 points each) for each correct error they find. I have tried to do this several different ways, and am struggling.  Can anyone assist?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Anne -- Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your file! Hopefully, others in the community will have some great ideas to share to assist. Also, as your question is design-related, I thought I might also suggest that you post your question over in our Building Better Courses forum for additional thoughts. Best of luck with your project! :)

Lance Treloar

Hi Anne

Have played with your slide - Next will only appear once 6 of the 8 hotspots have been clicked and hotspot clicks are scored .

The Next button is controlled by adding a value of 5 to a variable ("Score") for each hotspot clicked, as long as the hotspot has not been previously clicked (tracked by a true/false variable for the hotspot (hotspot 1-8)).  When the value of Score is equal to or greater than 30 the next button will show.

Score is displayed at the top of the page via %Score% which displayes the current value of the variable Score.

I also moved the text boxes as when they displayed, the covered the text I was trying to spot the errors in.

Hope this is of some help.



Anne Sikorski

Wow - Lance you are a lifesaver!  This is EXACTLY what I wanted it to do!  I tried yesterday to play with the variables with addition and OR statements with much frustration - the True/False is MUCH cleaner, and it WORKS!  Someday I hope to have as much knowledge as you do about Storyline, and be able to help others as you have.  Thank you!