Squiz matrix and Articulate files

Hi everyone, hoping someone can come up with a solution for me:

Apologies if this is long but I am trying to get my IT area to upload Articulate courses onto their website (they use Squiz Matrix). The courses I have created are not SCORM based (don't require any grading etc) they are just informative.

I am wanting members of the public to be able to access the courses by clicking a link for each on our website (it can not be saved on our LMS , which is cloud based and unable to be accessed without a username/login). 

My IT team are telling me that I need to host my files on a server so they can point to the files using a hyperlink. 

Is my IT right or is there a way they can host the files using Squiz Matrix?

I don't have access to a server.

Thanks in advance!

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