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Jul 28, 2016


I upload our Storyline 2 courses to our LMS and have had some issues with the reporting of scores and wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and can help.

We use BVS for our LMS, when I upload the course I enter the passing score, however when I try to pull reports in BVS it will only show participants with a passing score. The reports does not show any attempts or fail scores for other participants.  When testing, the Storyline course (when loaded into BVS) it does show the actual score (pass or fail) but the reporting still only shows passing scores.

I would appreciate any insight from other users.


Carol Pickering, University Federal Credit Union, Austin TX

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Brian Allen

Hello Carol,

When publishing for LMS, in your Reporting and Tracking options, what are you choosing for your LMS Reporting option at the bottom of the screen?

Passed/Incomplete will send a completed passing status along with score to your LMS if the student passes, but will leave the student "in progress" if they do not achieve a passing score.

Passed/Failed should send a completed passing status along with score to your LMS if the student passes, but should the student NOT achieve a passing score Storyline will send your LMS a completed failed status along with the failing score.

For more info check out Step 5 in this tutorial...

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