Srtoysize setup issue

When we select Template > Modern Interactions and the initial story size is 720*540 then the chosen interaction appears correctly. If we customize the story size from 729*540 to 1080*500 then the interaction is scaled as in the below screenshot.


When the initial story size is 1080*500 then the modern interaction tabs are scattered all over; states of the buttons. And, it is not scaled for the customized story size. Please refer to the below screenshot.

 I have also tried the modern interactions with different fonts, such as, arial, articulate, open sans etc. and this issue continues to persist.


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James Snider

My guess is that the template has a base resolution. If you load it and then resize the story, SL will increase the resolution of the template. However, if you load it onto a story that's already been increased, the default resolution is imported and not automatically resized. That could be useful in case someone wants area around the template for more content. Hope that helps.