Stacking / layering order changes when state changes

Mar 19, 2015


I have some text with several states.  One state "selected" where the text then sits in front of a grey rectangle.  

I also have a custom state "yellow" where when the text is selected, it sits in front of a yellow rectangle for accessibility (instead of the grey rectangle).  

The "yellow" state is toggled between using a variable.  All set up on a master slide.  I have the same set up for several different objects and text boxes throughout the project and for the majority of them it works.

On one set of text boxes, when the "yellow" state occurs, the text goes behind the rectangle (instead of being in front of it) - making the text less readable.  The yellow is definitely behind the text when setting the state up and in the state preview area (where you set them up), it shows correctly (colour behind text) - just in "real-life" it is the opposite way round.

Is there a simple explanation for this? / Can anyone help?

I have created a workaround, by duplicating the text box (with a clear background) on the actual slide, as well as on the master, which then puts extra text on top of the yellow background of the dodgy state - which does fix it, but unsure why the order changes?







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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura,

It may be easier to understand this set up and offer ideas if you're able to share a copy of the .story file here with us. In regards to the elements being behind one another, you mentioned you're using slide master elements and those will always appear behind elements on the actual slide. Could that be a part of the issue you're running into? 

Laura Brunning


Sorry for the delay, it is a colleague's project - but I have it now and the whole thing is attached.

It's a work in progress, but after clicking "begin here" on the title slide, on the 2nd slide, if you click the yellow square at the bottom, everything that was grey should be yellow throughout.

If you go to Organisation at the top in the menu, this is how it's supposed to look.

Go to Reading or any of the other menu items to see the yellow rectangle in front of the text.  

Organisation has been "fixed" by having an additional text box with no shading, that is in front of the Organisation text box that has the states.

There may well be a better way of doing the whole thing!

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