Standard font size and color for Button Styles

Feb 10, 2021


I cannot find a way to change the default font size of the buttons available in the Button Styles selection from 14 to 12. I set the default button to 12, I designed the buttons in my Feedback Master with size 12, when I create a question slide with these settings, the feedback layer buttons are size 12, but whenever I (re)apply on the feedback layers buttons a style from the Button Styles selection, the text size goes back to 14. 

Also, the color of the button text is changing on each feedback layer, regardless of the default button settings.

Is there a way to set the default size/color of the text of the buttons in the Button Styles pane to Open Sans 12 white?

Thank you.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Mihai!

This sounds like a great feature request! We don't currently offer a way to set a default button style but I can see how this would speed up a workflow. I've logged this as a feature request on your behalf. I've also linked this discussion so that we can update you if our team adds this to the feature roadmap.