Stange behaviour when revisiting Quizzes


My Storyline course includes a Quiz after each chapter. I have set each question to be re-tried once if the user answers incorrectly. The quiz is not visible in the menu but all other pages are. The user can go back to any previous page in the course while doing the quiz and then return to the quiz by going to the last page in the current chapter and then clicking Next, moving through each answered question again until they reach the place they were before they left the quiz.

Every time I re-visit quiz pages the following happens:

  1. Questions that were answered Incorrectly both at the first and second try always get a Prev and Next button and moves through to the next page without problem
  2. Questions that were answered Correctly the first time always get the Submit button and moves through to the next page without problem
  3. Questions that were answered Incorrectly the first time and Correctly the second time always get a Submit button but it gets stuck there and I can't move to the next question in the Quiz.

In the last scenario it doesn't seem to matter if I set the slide property and/or slide layer property 'When revisiting' to 'Automatically decide' or 'Resume saved state'.

I would prefer all quiz slides to get the Prev/Next button when revisiting but even if I can just get the freezing issue fixed I'd be happy.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annika,

I'm unclear on how you're allowing them to have more than one attempt? Are you referring to while on the individual question slides changing the attempts there or when the user retry's the quiz from the results slide? If the latter, are you using the built in retry behavior from the results slide? 

The previous and next buttons should appear as a default as a part of the review, but if you'd like to always have the prev/next buttons vs. the submit button you could look at using the "submit all at once" behavior described here. 

Lastly, where are you testing the course to see the behavior? Is this in preview or in your published output? 

Annika Enell

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response. The fault I described happens inside the actual quiz when the user is taking it the first time.

On each question page I have set the following parameters:

* Feedback = By Question

* Score = By Question

* Attempts = 2

Each question page has three extra layers:

* Correct (moves to next question)

* Try Again (gives a hint in the pop-up text and sometimes advises the user to "Review this chapter again to find the answer")

* Incorrect (moves to next question)

The fault appears after I have revisited pages in the course chapter and then go back to the quiz pages (which has been partially completed)

Example: in a quiz with four question pages the user answers the first question correctly, the second one incorrectly both on the first and the second attempt, the third question incorrectly on the first attempt and correctly on the second attempt and on the fourth question the user goes back to a slide in the previous chapter to check some data and then returns to the quiz pages. The user now has to move through each previously answered question to get to the unanswered fourth question. None of the previously submitted questions can be changed. The first answered question gets a Submit button and moves through to the next page without problem, the second answered question gets a Prev and Next button and moves through to the next page without problem, the third answered question gets a Submit button but it gets stuck there and I can't move to the next question in the Quiz. If I set the course to not allow a user to move forward in the course until all previous pages have been viewed then the user is stuck here and have to restart the course from the beginning again. The fault is not released by closing the course and restarting it at the same place as the user left it.

I can set the 'Revisits' property on the slide itself and/or on each Slide Layer however this does not seem to make a difference. Originally I had it set to 'Automatically Decide' but I have tested 'Resumed Saved State' both on the slide itself and/or on each Slide Layer with no improvement.

I would rather not allow the users to have a Prev / Next button on the actual question page if it can be avoided.

I am testing this in the published output (CD). The final course will be published in LMS but I am not able to test that option as it is a lengthy and complicated process to get the course uploaded to LMS and I will only be able to do that once the course is in its final revision.

I updated with the Storyline 2 Update 5 last week.

Thanks for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annika,

Without seeing your file - it's difficult to say. Are these questions in a question bank? What is the trigger that is bringing them back to the beginning of the questions vs. the question they left off on? 

If you don't want a prev/next at all, ever - have you looked at setting up your own custom buttons for navigation and submission of the question. 

Since you'll eventually be publishing for LMS, I'd recommend publishing as such and testing in SCORM Cloud. I'd hate for you to think you're finished and then load the final up only to come across something that behaved differently in CD. SCORM Cloud is an industry standard for testing SCORM content so it'll give you a great baseline. 

If you're still having difficulty, we could also check your file. you can share it here with us or send it along here privately. 

Annika Enell

Hi Ashley,

Yes the questions are from a question bank.

I will play around with some settings and properties and see if I can get around it. Do you know if there are rules I can set on a question page when revisiting it; to 'check if an answer already has been submitted' then it automatically moves to the next question page?

I can't share the whole course as it is proprietary information but if it helps you understand the issue I can record the steps I do to trigger the fault in a Centra session and share that with you. Let me know if you want me to do this.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi  Annika,

There are not rules to check if it's already been answered, although I know some folks have set up a custom method to allow a user to skip questions they've already answered or answered correctly during a review or retake for example. 

Can you share the course privately? If so, you could send it along to us here and our team can sign an NDA if needed as well.