Started a project, now want to continue developing on another computer

Jan 27, 2015

Hi everyone,

Last week I started to work with Storyline. At work, I use a laptop that requires the ICT-network, so I cannot use the laptop at home. But at home, I also have Storyline on my own laptop.

I was told I could start developing on the one computer, could save the project and then continue on the other computer.

This afternoon, I saved the project on the laptop from work and wanted to move it from 'My computer' to my USB-stick. But the '.story' file wasn't visible in my map, so I couldn't transfer it to my own computer.

It also wasn't possible to save the project directly on my USB-stick in Storyline. I hope somebody can give me some advice in this.


Greetings, Mirjam




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Emily Ruby

Hello Mirjam!

Welcome to the community! I wanted to make sure you were following the steps here for the recommended workflow.  If you need to share a project file with another computer, we recommend zipping it first. Then send the zip file  through your preferred method (email, USB, network drive, etc.). 

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