Starting 1 of 2 audio files (Eng and Sp) at timeline start based on variable condition (Storyline 3)

I have a bilingual course (Eng and Sp) and based on the learner's choice on slide 2, English or Spanish, the rest of the content populates to their choice of language. I have set up variables at the onset that trigger object states moving forward. Those all work fine. However, with slides with audio media, how can I have only one of the audio files (Eng or Sp) play at timeline start based on the "True" value of the variable? THANK YOU!

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Jerry Beaucaire


  1. Add the first audio file
  2. In the Audio options, set to play when triggered (not automatically)
  3. Add a trigger to; Play Media (english.wav) when the timeline starts (slide3) on the condition that Language=English
  4. Now repeat this process with the second media file, except for Spanish



Another way is to simply drop each audio file onto separate layers, an English and Spanish layer.   You can do the same with the Textboxes, putting the different versions onto the separate layers.

The benefit of this is that you only need one trigger on the base timeline to show one layer or the other based on the language variable.  This might end up being easiest to maintain.

Adolfo Nunez

Jerry, thank you for the response. Makes sense, but I am not seeing what you are suggesting in the Options ribbon from the Audio Tools tab. I see Preview, Audio Volume, Audio Editor, Replace Audio, Export Audio, Add Captions, and Publish. Nothing about setting the audio file to play when triggered vs automatically. If i right click the audio file in the Timeline I do not see an option to play when triggered either. ??

Adolfo Nunez

Jerry, thanks for the reference. I understand how to use triggers, but I'm not sure how to change the audio file's initial setting from "playing automatically" to playing when triggered. I can write the trigger to play the audio file. You state I can SET that in the Audio Options, but I can't see that anywhere. Can you send me a screen capture of that? Thank you

Adolfo Nunez

Ren, indeed. I appreciate all of the help on this, but it turns out my triggers were all correct all along (just as you and Jerry state.) The issue was that for some reason when I previewed the entire project BOTH audio files would play. It go to where the player was playing ALL audio files, even ones I deleted! They were somehow embedded or ghosted in, I have no idea. It led me to believe the triggers/states were wrong; they weren't. I had never encountered this before. I decided to delete the entire slide and recreate it, with new audio files, new triggers, new states, and it works fine now. Thanks again all for reaching out. 

Adolfo Nunez

Hi Lauren, there really was no steps to fixing my issue other than saving my work (several times, over and over) and closing the file (several times, over and over) until the audio files that seemed to be "stuck" somewhere (since I deleted them) went away. I set up the variables and triggers correctly, however somehow Storyline was playing audio files that were no longer on the timeline. The 2 and sometimes 3 audio files playing on to of each other led me to believe that there was something wrong with how I triggered the slides and media. But once the files were permanently deleted my project was back on track. Thank you to all who commented. A