Starting new motion path when previous one ends doesn't work if first one is a slide trigger

Hi all,

I think I might have discovered a bug, but maybe someone who is in the know can tell me if I'm just doing something wrong.

I have an arrow that has four consecutive motion paths intended to portray a single smooth movement. The second, third, and fourth motion paths each start after the previous motion path completes.  So, as motion path 1 ends, motion path 2 starts. As mp 2 ends, mp3 starts. As mp3 ends, mp4 starts.

At first, I had it set up so that the first motion path started as soon as the arrow appeared ("timeline starts on arrow"), and this worked wonderfully. However, I realized that I needed the arrow to remain stationary for a few seconds before starting on motion path 1. The only way I know to do this is to change motion path 1 from "when the timeline on arrow starts" to "when the [slide] timeline reaches X seconds,." 

The problem is that the first motion path is set as a slide trigger and the subsequent motion paths are set as object triggers, and there seems to be a disconnect between the two. Only motion path 1 is activated. The subsequent motion paths do not kick in as they should. The work around is to convert all of them to slide triggers, kicking in at a certain spot on the slide timeline, but using the "when animation completes" object trigger saves time and reduces the possibility for (mathematical) error, so I would prefer that method.

Please check out the attachments, and thank you in advance for your help! If this is a bug, I can create a ticket.


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Lisa Spirko

Hi Walt, thanks for checking this. You're right, it seems to be working correctly in Preview and also in Review 360. I'm lazy and was using the play button below the timeline to test this, and the problem appears to be with that feature. Not sure what it's called.... "timeline preview"?

Not sure if it's worth it for me to spend time reporting this as a bug with that feature. I've seen other complaints in the forum about it, and this is just another one. I should have known. At least the triggers seem to work correctly once the course is previewed or published.

Thanks again for your help, and I'm sorry for wasting your time.