State change based on two sliders - quadrant activity

I am trying to create a quadrant activity where the learner marks themselves somewhere along the x axis and on the next screen on the y axis. Then on a third screen the quadrant would be marked based on the intersection of the marks on the x and y axis on the previous screens. I was thinking about using sliders for the axis but can't wrap my brain around how to change the state of something based on the value of 2 sliders... Or is there a better way?

I attached what I am envisioning.

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

You just need to setup a bunch of triggers on your third screen that each look for the values of both sliders to equal to specific values. Like if x value = 1 and y value = 1 then the trigger would tell an object to show a particular state or slide layer representing what would be shown if the user selected those.