State change not working on customised SUMBIT button?

Mar 06, 2014

Hi guys,

I am trying to develop a free form drag and drop activity in Storyline. I don't want to use the player SUBMIT button. I created one myself and added a trigger on it. I also created two states for the drag items: drop correct and drop incorrect.

However, what I found was that the state change worked fine when I used the default player SUBMIT button. It didn't work when I used the SUBMIT button I created.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Is there a solution for this?

Many thanks,


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Xin,

I just tested and got the same results as you - i.e., that the custom submit button doesn't show the states. Not sure if someone has come up with a solution for this.

It would be easy enough to set up the Correct layer so that all the objects change to the correct state when the timeline started, but I can't think of anything for the Incorrect layer that wouldn't involve a lot of triggers with states and or variables...could get unwieldy quickly depending on the number of drags and targets.

There's a known issue with the custom button not working properly with hotspot quizzes and the solution was to put the Submit button on a separate layer...and start that layer when the quiz timeline starts. But that didn't work for me here.

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