State change question.


On slide 1.1 I am trying to change the states of the Go buttons to Selected once the user has clicked a Go button and viewed the visited the applicable. However when I return to slide 1.1 I can click on the grayed out Selected button and it will take me back to the applicable slide and when I go back to slide 1.1 the button's state is back to Go. 

Is there away to get the buttons to stay selected?   I have attached a sample storyline that shows the states and triggers. 



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Carrie

the selected state is like a toggle you click it once it's selected, click again and it's deselected. If you want the state to be solid you'd be better off using the default Visited state (which occurs automatically when the user clicks) or create a new custom 'completed' state which will require triggers.

I notice you also have triggers to change the state to selected...this trigger is not required and can sometimes cause issues...Selected is a built in SL state and SL knows what to do so doesn't need a trigger.