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Walt Hamilton

Short answer is that it is not possible for one slide to change the state of an object on another slide. (Layers can change the state of objects on their base slide because they are considered part of the slide.)

The long answer is that there are ways to make the same effect appear to happen.

If Picture 1 is what the user clicks on to visit slide 2.6, then if you create a state for Picture 1 and name it Visited, when the user clicks and jumps to slide 2.6, on return the built-in function of the Visited state will change it.

If you want a different function, you need two triggers:

Adjust variable Slide6Visited = True when timeline ends on slide 2.6

Set state of Picture 1 to Completed (do not name the state Visited if you are writing your own triggers) when timeline starts on slide 1.3 on condition Slide6Visited = True.