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Jul 02, 2014


I'm using Storyline to create an e-learning training module. This module include an interactive summary with clikable tabs which are linked to the different screens of the trainig module.

I wanted to created a color code which shows tabs made and tabs not made yet. And, for that, I created some variables which changes when the screens are done (one variable for one screen)

I made a publication to test it on my internet browser. But when i go to the first screen and after that come back to the summary, the color of the first tab hasn't changed. Do you know why ?

Thank you for your help

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Antony Snow

Hi Boris,

Based on your current set-up, you will need to create a variable (such as a T/F variable with a default value of FALSE) for each section and add a trigger to the last screen in that section that adjusts the applicable variable to TRUE.

You will then need to add a trigger to the summary screen that changes the state of the object that was clicked to another state when the timeline of the summary slide starts, but on condition that the applicable variable is equal to TRUE.

However, if you use the built in visited state to indicate this, you won't need to use variables .

boris hudec

I share for you a simplified version of my file. There are the  clikable summary and the three first screens.

As u can see, the rectangle 1 is linked to the page 1, the rectangle 2 with page 2 and the rectangle 3 with the page 3. And I want to show the user's progress with a color code : grey for a tab not done yet, red for a the next tab or the tab in progress ("en cours" in the state) and purple for a tab already done ("visité" in the state).

And the user has to follow the order, he can't see the page 3 if he jumped the 2 without looking at it. So I made a layer for that. I put some variables to determine if the screens have been seen or not. 

So normally, when the user begin the training, the first line (the rectangles, the shape "introduction"...) are in red and the others are in grey. But when the first screen has been seen, the first line must be in purple because it has been seen and the second line has to be in red because it's the next one to see.

I hope you are understanding what I'm explaining and I hope you can help me

Michael Hinze

The button states on your slide 1.1 do not change because of the "When variablexyz changes" option. This option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens, in your case slides 1.2 2, 1.3 1 and 1.4 3.

On your slide 1.1 change the triggers that set the button states to "When timeline starts" and add a condition "When variable xyz = true". See below an example of how the triggers should be set up.

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