State changes not working on layers, can you help?

Hi there,

I'm having an issue with my objects not appearing on the slide layers. The base layer has 4 characters and they have all been assigned with a variable. They show up on the base layer but not on any of the additional layers. I have set up triggers so they appear but still nothing. Can anyone offer any help or advice.



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charlene neale

Yes, if you select a character on 1.1 then click next to the main menu, then select 'Responsible Gambling' again keep clicking next until you see 4 options. Select option 1 - a general conversation and when you view the conversation that's when the character disappears. Thanks for your help, it's my first project and i don't know where i have gone wrong.


charlene neale

Hi Leslie, I've just tried Sally and she disappears when she is having the conversation with Bob. I think the problem is on the layers on 6.13 not the base layer but the additional layers as this is when they disappear. The base layer on 6.13 should go straight to layer 1 at the end of the timeline and then the same for Layer 2,3,4 &5. The characters seems to only disappear when the additional layers come up. Hope this helps. 

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Charlene :-)


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Charlene!

I have to admit...I was stumped and had to get a colleague to take a look.

I didn't want to share your file as I noticed you previously deleted and figured you didn't want the file public.

I did put together a short screen recording so that I could better explain.

Basically, you are pointing to the base layer characters in your layer triggers. Adjusting these will alleviate the issue you are seeing.