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Michelle Thomas

I have attached the course. On desktop the functionality works flawlessly. The Next button is not to be active until all layers have been viewed. Each layer is set to reroute to the based layer at the end of the timeline. Once each image is clicked, the state should changed to visited. Once all slides are "Visited" the next button should become active. 

Again, this works on desktop, not on iPad 2. 

Laura Lowden

I'm having this same issue.  I have three scenarios that use the visited or selected states in order to click the next button.  On two of the scenarios I'm told it works.  On one it doesn't.    

Would a workaround for this to be to use a T/F variable such as:

Jump to next slide

     When the user clicks the next button

     If concussTF is equal to TRUE

I then put the trigger as an Object Trigger on Button 2, and then put it on the layer "Option 2" as a layer trigger.  Is this correct?