State graphics won't disappear


I am making a dress-code training (shooting game) as in the attached, but if the user clicks the graphic right before the timeline ends, the graphic of the changed state (smoke) will remain forever -;) Is this some kind of bug, and if so, is there any workaround to make it disappear?


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Christine Hounsham

Hi Mariko,  I had a look at your file - love it!  Great job.  Best Dress Code visual I have seen. 

Re the issue - this was quite hard to recreate (even knowing the issue).  Obviously my reflexes aren't fast enough, except on the shoe which of course was quite easy to hit whilst it was mid-exit animation.   By my third try, yes I could start to get at least half mid movement (but only because I knew which way they were going).

I thought adding an extra trigger to change state to a hidden option, on completion of exit animation.  Unfortunately, sorry no this didn't not work.  

The issue definitely seems to be around changing state mid exit-animation.  (for people more expert than me who may be able to offer a better explanation)

As a quick work around - if you shortening the exit animation of the shoe to 0.75 to mirror other images, this would lessen the chance of someone 'catching' the graphic mid move.

Regards Christine 

Christine Hounsham

Hi Mariko, please find attached revised story file.  I have put the characters on individual layers (with the corresponding text).  This solves the problem because can simply tick the 'hide this slide layer' option under layer property, which means even if click during exit animation, the changed state is hidden at end of layers timeline.

I love the fact that with Storyline there is always an alternative work around to achieve same result, if run into trouble.

Cheers Christine

Mariko Shishikrua

Thank you Christine for finding the workaround.. but it seems that the file is not complete, when I downloaded it, there is no storyline file -;) Would you please upload it again, and also.. I tried to amend it based on your explanation but would you please explain a little bit (sorry I am being slow)? I make one more layer with the characters? I have also been trying to come up with a workaround with only using layers (I put both smoke + comments on the same layer) but then after I cliked the characters to make it disappear, if I am too fast (ifi I leave too much time), then the original character shows up. Your solution sounds better but I cannot figure out how -;)

Christine Hounsham

Hi Mariko, I hope this uploads better?  I did have trouble uploading from my virtual machine last night.  FYI - the slide will look blank, as base layer now only has background image.  Everything else is on layers (only did the first four).  

I will do a separate post with a bit more of an explanation. 

Mariko Shishikrua

Thank you so much!! Yes, now I understand what you did and I restructured the who eLearning, and looks good!!

One last question.. I would like to reset the score when the user chooses to redo the course, how can I reset the score? I tried to multiplied it by zero (I guess what I did was wrong,) and also.. simply using "restart" trigger would not do anything to the score, it seems.

Christine Hounsham

Under the slide properties: select the 'reset to initial state' when revising.  This should then keep the same 'reset to initial state' on each of the slide layers, but fyi in case doesn't. 

Depending on how the rest of the course is structured and how/if you want score reported to LMS, but as an eg see attached.  I added a slide 1.2 with the players score and a try again button.  The try again button has two triggers - 

1. restart course when user clicks

2. jump to slide 1.1 to play game again