"State is equal to" triggers working in reverse

Hello all,

I have two objects that I want viewed in a particular order. When user clicks picture 4, its state should change to hidden allowing picture 5 to then be viewed. Picture 5 should not be clickable until picture 4 is hidden. The problem is that this is working in reverse. Picture 5 is clickable until picture 4 is hidden. I want the opposite. Triggers are attached. It is early here so... Does anyone see my mistake? I know there are multiple ways of accomplishing this but now it's just annoying that I can't solve this. Thanks.


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Brandon Driggers

I am using Michael's method. But to answer your question, Picture 5 is already Normal. I just don't want the trigger on Pic 5 to work unless Picture 4 is in the desired state. I never did get it to work the proper way unless I reversed the trigger to say "..is NOT equal to Hidden". Then it worked...in reverse. Very odd.