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Aug 12, 2020

Morning heroes! 

Please can someone help me with this - I've tried several ways of doing this and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. I am trying to get a 'Click Next' box to appear after the markers have been clicked. I have tried:

  • change state of box to normal (from hidden) when all markers are clicked
  • added a T/F variable that changes to 'True' when all markers are visited and the box to change to normal when that variable is true
  • added a number variable that adds 1 for each marker and the box to change to normal when that variable is 4
  • last thing I have tried is show next layer once all markers are visited and just had that box on the layer

Either Storyline is being temperamental or I'm being silly. Please help!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Charlie,

Weird! Your trigger to show the layer with the Click-Next message sure looks fine to me. Not sure why it doesn't work when the 4 buttons are Visited.

However, when I edit the trigger to execute when the 4 related rectangles are Visited, it does work, as shown in the attached file.

FYI: I couldn't help myself: I also reformatted some of the text in two of the rectangles. The first and third messages included underlined text. That was the best way to add emphasis back pre-Internet. But since underlining has become the standard way to indicate a link, it should not be used solely for emphasis. So I removed the underlines and colored the text instead. 

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