State issues with clicking a hotbox.

Aug 02, 2017

Hello all! I'm working on an eLearning about employment law and need some help. The ctrl+K hyperlink feature just wasn't agreeing with me, so I decided to try to use states to show a hover and a selected state for when the learner clicks on the hotbox above the text.

It all works great, but for some reason whenever a user returns to the screen after clicking the hotbox, the state of the text below returns to normal (

I would like it to remain in the selected state, but can't figure out why it won't. Does it have something to do with me having selected "restore on mouse leave" for my hover states? I've attached the story file. 

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Anna Grillo

Hi Trevor, 

What about changing the jump to URL triggers to act when the user clicks each text box rather than each hotspot? This will also allow you to delete the triggers that are set to change the state of each text box to selected and hover (which are built-in states). 

See attached for a working example. 

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