State Name "Drag" and "Drop" - available for "Pick Many"


I have a couple of quizes that are designed to make the learner more aware of a situation and are not a test, so there isn't a result slide as such - rather the course goes on to explain it.

If I choose "Drag & Drop" questions, I can change the state so if a learner should look back in the course, he can see what he selected and if that was right or not.

I've also included a "Pick Many". Is there any way that I can also include this type of feedback - after the Submit Button has been selected?

Has anyone any suggestions?



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S. Yu

Does it work for you to use the automatic feedback that pops up after pressing the submit button? The ones that tell the user if they are correct or incorrect? You can customize the messages inside those boxes several ways:

1. Click "Edit Drag and Drop" and on the bottom of the screen, you will find areas to write the exact feedback you desire;

2. Click View -> Feedback Master and that will give you access to the customize the style of the feedback boxes. 

I hope that helps, or did you have something else in mind? 

Kim Alison

Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining.

You know when you have a result slide, you can put in a review quiz button and then the correct and incorrect answers are marked. Well, you can do the same thing with Drag & Drop items by changing the states and you don't need an extra button or page - the information comes up in the background straight away - directly after or before the Submit button is clicked.

But it seems as though this is only possible with Freeform Drag&Drop and not any of the other question forms. But I hoped, I might have missed something.

S. Yu

Ahh I see! I probably shouldn't be answering questions when I haven't used "Pick Many" yet...

I don't think there is an automatic way to do it like with the Drag & Drop, so it will have to done manually (which I'm guessing is what you are thinking but just wanted to check to make sure that there weren't automatic options hiding somewhere?). 

So am I reading it correctly that you'd like feedback to appear when the user clicks on the objects AND as a review slide when the user chooses to review the quiz?