state not changing as expected with trigger


I am working on a project in Storyline 2.  The trigger that I have created is not changing the state of a text box as I would expect.  I am using a True/False variable, the variable is initially set to False, and changed to True based on the user selection.  I noticed it was not working, so I have gone into my variable list and adjusted the initial value to True, hoping this would play the trigger.

Attached are screen shots showing some of the variables, as well as the triggers.  This is the first time I have not been able to figure it out on my own, so I am hoping someone can assist.  

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I have duplicated the "yes" state, and just named it "y", changed the trigger to change the state from Normal to "y" if the variable was true.  It now works.  I do not know if it just did not like the word yes as a state??? Anyways, I got it.  Hope this can help someone else if they run into the same issue.