State of Buttons and Variable - Issue in the Last step.

Dec 16, 2014

Hi all,

I don't why I can't add Picture in my post. So I have insert the step of my issue as PDF with Screens and the Story File

·         I would like that the user clicks on the first blue button. The rest is inactive because the user must see the first step. (Screen 1)

·         After clicking, a lightbox will be opened. (Screen 2).

·         The user closes the lightbox. So the first button has the state “Visited” and the second is now active. (Screen 3)

·         The 4 buttons has been now visited.  (Screen4). Until this step, I have any issue. BUT…

·         BUT… imagine if the user would like revisit a part of the course. So he clicks again on the first button. The lightbox is opened…he closes it again. The state of the second button is not “VISITED” und I don’t understand why???? Have any help for me ? (Screen 5 and Storyline File)




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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Emilie,

I've gone through your story file and did some changes by which your tabs start working as you wish. The but issue was occurring due to the triggers on your tabs, in which you are telling them to change state of other tab to normal when clicked. In this case they will work normally but when user start toggle them then they change the state of second button to normal.

So I've deleted the check mark from the visited state of the tab  and put it on the main screen and change its state to hidden, so whenever user click the particular tab, check mark state get changed to normal and will work according to your need.

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