State of check box- Need help

Jun 21, 2016


I have a course where I am asking the learner to click on a check list item.  The item is actually a hotspot to a systems demonstration.  On the slide with the hotspot there is a checkbox under the hotspot.  I have a trigger to set the checkbox to selected when the user clicks the hotspot.  I want the check box to stay checked when the learner leaves the slide to view the demo and then returns to select the next item on the checklist.  I want to learner to be able to see what items they have done on the checklist and what items remain to be done.  I want them to have the ability to select a checklist item in any order they wish.  My checkbox is resetting when the learner returns to the slide after viewing the demo.  How can I have the checkbox set to select when the hotspot is selected and stay selected upon return.  I would want this to be a part of bookmarking too.  Can anyone lend some help.  I have never made a checklist like this before.  Thanks in advance.


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