State of the Submit button

Jul 13, 2020

Hi, Need a support. 

In creating multi-select multiple choice questions, how can we change the state of submit button based on the selection of responses.

Scenarios is If I check two options, then only submit button must get enabled. If less than or more than two options are checked, the state of submit must be in disabled state.

Other condition is - if in case-1, if user selects one option, then state of the "submit" button must be in disable.

If user selects any two options, then the state of the submit must be shown in enable status.

If user selects more than the two options, lets say 3 or 4 options, then the state of the submit must be turn to disable status. 

If user selects exactly two options, and again if he uncheck any option or uncheck both the options, the state of the submit must be turn to disable status.

 I am creating assessment manually not using any template.

Request to support.



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