State Triggers

I have an object with a text box label set for normal state. I then changed the text box for the selected state. And I set a trigger to change the state to selected when the user clicks on the object. However, when I preview it, the normal state text doesn't disappear. I'm not really sure why the normal state text is still appearing.

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Marcel Reinert

You can do it with layers. On the basic layer you have the post it - picture and a textbox over it. Now copy both and create a new layer (on the bottom right). Name it "press" or so and paste the copied picture and textbox. Now change the text. Go back to the basic layer and set a trigger to the picture to show the layer "press" when user click at the picture. I hope i understand your right for what you want. :)

Marcel Reinert

Ok i think i know the problem. Did you placed the textbox over the postit on the timeline view? Then the trigger won't affect to the textbox when the state change and so the text is still visible. In the attachment i placed the text at the state view and so the trigger appears therefor too. Take a look