state visited vs return to slide with resume end state

Jan 27, 2018

1. I'm trying to do the following: Have a slide with the topic content and triggers to the particular slides. Easy. 

2. Then I want to let the user return to the content slide and let the user see he visited the content. I use: change state to visited at the link. Quite easy. User returns - visited link is shown as visited.

3. When the user has visited all (3) slides, I want the user to see an extra button to go to another (ending) slide: 

3a. First hide the button at the beginning of the timeline.
3b. Second: Change state (of this button) to normal (visisble) when all of the 3 links (triggers) to the slide are visited.

So far so good; I see the button coming up just as I leave to the last slide to visit.

When I return to the content (or menu) slide I do see all links with the desired visited status (I've set the slide properties to resume saved state).

But: the extra button I need (step 3) is gone. I have no clue. Seems as the links are shown as visited but actually aren't. Seems as the resume to end slide on revisiting is not really the end state (which was when the button was shown upon leaving the slide...)

Anyone help me out?

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