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In many of the modules I create, I like to display nice button with states. Most of the time, the button includes a shape, text and an object. I try to change the state of the 3 elements each time the learner takes an action (hover, visited, selected). To do so, I use a hotspot with multiple triggers. But it gets funny, and it works only intermittently. I would love to make it simpler and make it work.

I attached a sample. I would like to have the graphic change when I hover (that works) and when I select and visit (a tab for instance).

Thanks in advance for your help !

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Donna Morvan

Hello Bastien,

You don't actually have to create a trigger for the effect you want. I see that you already used the built in states so it should already manifest the behavior when hovered or selected, etc. There's no need for a hotspot.

Also, i see that you're using combination of textbox, shapes, and pics. You might want to simplify it. E.g. Instead of using a shape and a texbox.. you can just pick one. You don't need to overlay.

Anyways, here's an edited version.

Hope this helps,


Bastien Médard

Hello Donna,

Thank you so much for your quick response, and for taking the time to rework the file.

I do that when I have simple title, but sometimes I need to display the text in a certain way that the shape doesn't let me do. Or I have a bigger object. And in this case, if the mouse hover over the object or the text, and not the shape, the state doesn't work. That's why I was trying to use hotspot.

Does that make sense ?

Donna Morvan

Yes, I understand. You have options.

1. When you change the look of your objects - do it in the "edit state" mode under the "state" you choose. Don't put it all on the base slide - if that makes sense. I don't know what you've tried to do. But you can change the shape of the text and size of the font in these states as well. See attached file. See how in this - I changed the shape and even the orientation of the text when clicked down. (It is not the prettiest example but you can see that you can change it).

2. Use Articulate Storyline or another Photo Editor to  achieve the look you want and then save it as an image that you can use to add as a state.